The Arrival Of An Artificial Intelligence Society

In recent years, the biggest revolution in the field of digital technology following the Internet is the development of AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

AI has disappeared after a few booms in the past, but innovative technologies have appeared in the 2010s.
It is a technology of “deep learning” called “deep learning”.

Deep learning is simply a reproduction of a learning method that is closer to the human brain on a computer.
The discovery of this “deep learning” has led to technological innovation in areas such as image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing.
By using “deep learning”, technologies that have been difficult to put into practical use, such as automatic driving and automatic translation of vehicles, have evolved to a practical level.

In the future, “deep learning” will penetrate all fields and bring about dramatic changes in people’s lives and fundamentally change lifestyles.

Use Of AI To Make People Happy

AI is not simply intended to replace what humans have done so far.

AI technology that humans have come up with is valuable when it is used to make people happy.

IDigital believes that all people should use AI digital technology for their happiness, not for some individuals or companies.

In order to make more people use the services and products created by iDigital, and to create a future that makes everyone happy, we want to keep trying new things. 

IDigital Corporation Representative Director Kunihiro Mukai