The name iDigital in the sense of “creating new value through the fusion of ideas and digital”.

IDigital has set the following four goals in order to realize this philosophy.

01.Creating new ideas

The various tools and services that make everyday life more convenient and fun are all born from the free ideas and ideas of great predecessors. It would be more convenient if you had such a tool,

Our ancestors who imagined that it would be more fun if there was such a service, shaped their innovative ideas with the state-of-the-art technology at the time, making our lives more convenient and richer than before. It was.

IDigital aims to provide new services that make life easier and more convenient by creating new ideas that have never existed before, and combining them with the latest digital technologies.

02. To remain a familiar and useful entity

IDigital aims to continue to be a useful presence that supports daily life and work, not far away from you.

Specifically, we aim to provide services and products that are always accessible through devices such as smartphones.

We hope that we can help you make your life and work more convenient and convenient by using the services and products created by iDigital.

03. Accepting diverse values

New ideas are created based on unprecedented new values. Therefore, unless you have the ability to accept diverse values, you will not be able to notice the magnitude of that value.

At iDigital, we respect the individuality of each person and accept diverse values to correctly understand the value of new ideas.

In addition, we will recruit a wide range of talented and challenging human resources regardless of age, gender, nationality, work style, etc., and create diverse value through the cooperation of diverse human resources.

04. Keep trying new things

Various hurdles are waiting for the realization of an unprecedented great idea. For this reason, some people may find it difficult to do so.

Nevertheless, we believe it is important to continue to challenge without fear of failure.

IDigital believes that by adopting cutting-edge digital technology as soon as possible and continuing to challenge as many times as possible, we can open up a bright future in the new digital society that will come.