IDigital has been adept at building and managing web media since its foundation.

Establishing an efficient site management system with in-house developed CMS

In our company, by operating the CMS developed by the web system division in-house, the operation is systematized, the daily renewal work is automated as much as possible, and the site can be operated efficiently with a small number of people. We are

※For in-house developed CMS, see WEB System Division

Strengthen collaboration with SNS and YouTube

In the days when the Internet was mainly used for PCs, media visitors were most important to access from search, and it was indispensable to be at the top of the first page of search results with the targeted search keywords.

However, when the iPhone appeared in 2007 and smartphones became popular by around 2014, people who did not have a PC could easily access the Internet from their smartphones. As a result, people’s communication methods have also changed from phone / email to SNS, and SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, and LINE are now indispensable tools for people’s lives. In this mobile-first era, attracting customers from SNS becomes more important. For the media that iDigital constructs, we are strengthening our cooperation with Twitter and Facebook.

In recent years, the importance of video has increased. With the spread of smartphones, young people are starting to watch YouTube anywhere, rather than watching TV at home, and 5G will start after 2020, so more and more videos will be seen on smartphones The number of people will increase. IDigital believes that it is necessary to actively use not only text and images but also videos for the future, and actively uses video media such as YouTube.

Build a media that will last more than 10 years by acquiring repeaters

The most important thing in media management is to get repeat visitors who visit your site repeatedly. If there are a lot of one-time visitors, the number of visits to the site will soon end.

Therefore, it is important that people who have visited the site once visit the site repeatedly and become a fan of the site. To increase repeat visitors, you need to continue to provide content that is valuable to your site visitors.
At iDigital, people with specialized knowledge in specific genres manage the site, and are good at building media in niche fields. As a result, we have been able to provide satisfactory information to our core fans every day, and we have succeeded in acquiring repeat visitors who can continue to visit the site for over 10 years.

Features of iDigital Media Management

Establishing an efficient site management
system with in-house developed CMS

Strengthen collaboration with SNS and YouTube

Build a media that will last more than
10 years by acquiring repeat fans